GRCE Tech Obtained ASPICE L3 Certification
Release time:2022/11/29 Publisher:administrators

Recently, GRCE Tech obtained ASPICE L3 certification by TÜV Rheinland, which is a world-renowned testing, inspection and certification company. It is the highest ASPICE rating obtained by domestic automotive industry, and is also the highest access standard for international and domestic mainstream OEMs and Tier 1 and other automotive supply chains, thus is a benchmark for assessing effectively the delivery capability and reliability of a supplier's software products.


This is another internationally recognized authoritative standard certification obtained by GRCE Tech after ASPICE L2 certification and ISO 26262:2018-ASILD Functional Safety Management System Process Certificate, marking that GRCE Tech is on par with international top-tier companies in functional safety and software development.

Since 2018, GRCE Tech has been laying out the introduction and implementation of the ASPICE standard model. After obtaining ASPICE L3 certification, GRCE Tech will introduce this standard combined with the ISO26262 functional safety standard into in-process software development projects to constrain the software development process through standardized processes and reduce software problems during development. Based on the best practices produced during the certification process, we will continue to optimize and provide our customers with high-standard, high-safety hardware and software solutions and high-quality customization services.